Road Assistance Sofia

road assistance sofia

Road Assistance Sofia

Road assistance Sofia company is your disposal. Twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year. We offer various types of services related to the repatriation of cars and trucks in Sofia. Our road assistance is located near the Sofia center. This allows us to react within thirty minutes. All of our specialized trucks for road assistance in Sofia are equipped with hydraulic platforms and winches. To avoid damage to a car or truck on, an experienced and competent care specialist is needed. Our employees have the necessary qualifications and competence. We do not have to repatriate the car to a garage if it is not needed. We do all of our activities using the Bosch diagnostic tools and we can easily detect the problems of the car. More sophisticated car systems require a more and more qualified diagnosis for professional auto repairs and maintenance.

What you should do if you are in Sofia and your car unexpectedly fails

The car can always be damaged when you least expect it. Fortunately, many problems come with warning signs. Which allows you to discover the problem of the car before it happens. Automatic localization systems improve the early detection of problems. When the car’s fuel is at its end, the fuel device starts to light continuously. This signals that you can drive at most 40-50 kilometers. No matter how little fuel your vehicle has. There is no danger of a delay, but only if you are in Sofia. Because you will find a gas station every 2 kilometers. If you still run out of fuel. Put the car at neutral speed and try to move it to a safe place. If this is not possible, seek help from passers-by to move the car. When making sure the car is in a safe place, search for fuel at the nearest gas station.

If you have lost the car keys and you live in Sofia what you need to do

Road Assistance Sofia. If you’ve lost the keys to your car, the best reassurance is to keep you full of self-control. The first thing you need to do is check if you have not forgotten them in the contact. If it turns out that the keys are not in the car. The best solution is to look for them there. Where have you been in the last few hours? If you accidentally find them, you should be happy that all your problems are over. If it turns out they are missing, it is better to look for the spare keys at home. This will save you the trouble you may have. And if this does not happen, remove the phone from your pocket and search them on the internet locksmith in Sofia. But first, read the reviews written about this company on the web. Otherwise, the cost of the keys may pass the cost of the car. Once your keys are ready to check that they will meet your requirements.

How to change the spare tire of the car

Tires are the most important safety and performance feature of every car. Ensure that your new tires are in perfect condition, properly inflated, and have enough air. Due to the regular maintenance of the vehicle. When the tires of the car are new, you and your family will be in complete safety. Using second-hand tires can cause you a lot of trouble. Especially if you break the car’s tire in the center of Sofia. In such situations, never panic. Make sure the car is safely in a safe place, otherwise it may clog traffic. Place the reflective triangle, about 50 meters behind the vehicle. Pull the parking brake of the vehicle and loosen all nuts with the wrench. Then remove the jack from the boot and place it in the appropriate place. Ensure that the jack is in a safe and secure place. Safety is the most important thing in any subsequent procedure.

The cracked tire of the car can cause you tremendous trouble

Carefully place the jack in the appropriate position and lift the vehicle to 5-10 centimeters. Unscrew all nuts and remove the broken rubber. Remove the spare tire from the boot and place it in place of the tire. After replacing the tire with the spare wheel, tighten all the nuts on the rim. Carefully lower the vehicle to the ground and then tighten the nuts. Ensure that the new spare tire is installed correctly. Gather the reflective triangle and the cracked rubber in the boot. Then you can safely continue your journey. What may be the signs of a ruptured tire? While driving, the vehicle starts to pull in the direction of the cracked tire. If you find that there is a nail in the tire. Do not take it straight away and continue your journey. This way the air in the tire may stop falling until you find a vulcanizer. Our specialists recommend using only new tires.

The defective battery will stop the pleasure of driving the car in Sofia

If the charging indicator lights up, this indicates that the battery voltage drops. The car battery is one of the most important components of any vehicle. He is responsible for starting the engine and without it the car will not light up. Throughout the service life, the battery is subjected to a constant charging and dilution cycle. As well as the high-temperature conditions from the engine vapor. The main purpose of the battery is to start the engine of the car. If the engine does not start, the car can block some of the traffic in Sofia. In this way, the driver of the car will have to look for the services of road assistance Sofia. This, of course, can cause great inconvenience to the driver. Our employees will give you the necessary assistance, but only if you call our 24-hour phones. We will send a team that will replace your battery with a new one.

What color of the cabin have the un trucks for road assistance in Sofia

Road Assistance Sofia. Our specialized trucks for road assistance in Sofia are known for the yellow color of the cabin. All the trucks have the company’s initials and phones. Most of these specialized trucks for road assistance sofia serve almost all of Sofia’s quarters. Our specialized vehicles for road assistance in Sofia, download cars and trucks from different situations. The responsibility for repatriating a damaged vehicle is very high. We work conscientiously, correctly, and arrive at the stated time. Quality, security and rapid response is a responsible task for us, which is done with great care and great desire. If you need help, look for the services of companies road assistance in Sofia. Professional roadside assistance companies in Sofia provide mobile on-site service.

Specialized trucks provide fast and secure repatriation

In order to provide maximum service to our corporate clients, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day. We work on weekends and during all national holidays. Each carriage we offer has a casco insurance coverage and the responsibility is borne by our company. Our specialized trucks meet all the technical safety requirements that ensure safe transport. This ensures fast, quality, and safe service delivery and repatriation of damaged cars and trucks. The company has a huge fleet and a 24-hour guarded parking lot in Sofia. We can store crashed cars for an indefinite period of time. АДАС Express OOD, guarantees correct service, excellent communication, and transportation of all kinds of motor vehicles. If we are engaged for the moment and you need road assistance. The company will send a dedicated team of our trusted partners.

Road Assistance Sofia provides assistance in road accidents and accidents

With АДАС Express, you will be in safe hands. We have focused on the safe repatriation of cars. Our slogan is to help our clients, both in Bulgaria and all over Europe. Roadside assistance АДАС Express offers services such as fuel delivery, tire change, car power supply. Mobile service and road assistance Sofia. Road Assistance АДАС Express has twelve new customized trucks specializing in road assistance. They are equipped with hydraulic platforms. All of the company’s trucks are equipped with the latest model equipment. This technique can be relied upon to remove crashed cars from the most difficult places. Road Assistance АДАС Express is at your disposal 365 days a year. The professionally trained staff will help you cope with every situation. We are aware that no one can prevent the unexpected.

The roadside assistance car arrives within 30 minutes to the address in the city of Sofia

That is why we are prepared and will respond in the fastest way of your call. Some specialized roadside assistance companies offer the repatriation of sports cars. This is done when the vehicle is damaged or has suffered a road accident. We will provide you a start-up current to the car and fuel to every point in Bulgaria. We can also provide you a 24-hour auto-lock if you need it. We are committed to providing high-quality services to our customers. Because we realize that maintaining a high reputation is the key to our success. We do our best to eliminate all of our car-related problems. If you are a participant in a road accident and our company is unable to help you. We will send you our partners. Up-to-date information on other services can be found on the site of the companies for road assistance in Sofia.